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Henshaw Electric provides professional commercial electrical services for any commercial building in Houston, TX, and surrounding Texas areas. Some of our electrical offerings for commercial purposes include office electrical system remodeling, new construction electric setup, breaker repairs and installations, remodels, new construction, new electric panels, electrical maintenance, and more.

Henshaw Electric allows you to improve productivity at your office building or commercial location by receiving quality electrical work for affordable prices. We offer various lighting systems that will brighten the room and different types of lights that will save energy and money within your property. Depend on Henshaw Electric to repair, install, or improve both interior and exterior lighting, security lighting, and so much more for your commercial property today.

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Henshaw Electric offers the best residential electrical services in the Crosby, TX area. From electrical panel changes and upgrades to new lighting systems, remodels, new construction, breaker repairs or installations, and more, you can ensure your property is in good hands using Henshaw Electric. We help you to save money on your utility bills with expert electrical installation services that are efficient and durable for years to come.

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Industrial Services & Electrical Planning

Henshaw Electric offers a wide range of professional industrial electric services in Crosby, TX, Houston, and surrounding Texas areas. Some of our industrial services include electrical industrial controls, security lights, service upgrades, motors, fab shops, machine shops and more, to ensure the safety and productivity of your industrial property.

We also have decades of experience reading blueprints and planning electrical systems and maps for any residential, commercial, or industrial property. Henshaw Electric can carry the weight of the entire electrical project, from the very beginning design stages to the installation, repairs, and maintenance.

We specialize with all industrial voltage, for example 

-Industrial 480 Voltage 

-Three Phase Systems 

-Control Voltage and Wiring 

-Low Voltage Wiring